...a neighborhood Halloween tour

Our  story...

Eleven months of the year, Westgate is an ordinary, quiet  neighborhood, but in October something goes frightfully wrong...  It all starts with a Jack-o-Lantern in a window, a paper ghost or two, but for many homes, it doesn't stop there...

As Halloween approaches, once benign front yards become the haunting grounds of the departed, a playground for feindish ghouls, a trick-or-treater's dream, or perhaps... nightmare!





A tour of haunts...

  Westgate, a neighborhood in Comstock Park, Michigan (just north of Grand Rapids) is home to many Halloween enthusiasts, and boasts an impressive collection of yard haunts and festively decorated homes during the Halloween season.  We have put together a map, a tour of haunts,to help visitors navigate their way through the neighborhood and to make sure they don't miss anything.  The Haunted Westgate tour is free of charge.   

*The map can be found in the menu on the upper right hand side of the home page.*  


  If you live in the area, and would like your home included on the tour, please drop us a line at willaisie@yahoo.com, we would love to have you!



Halloween 2012

Halloween is nearly here!  Haunts are up and running, and the map has been updated.  

This year, we are very saddened to announce that Morbid Mike's Mysterious Playground will not be on the Haunted Westgate tour.  Morbid Mike has moved out of the area, and his amazing haunt has been donated to a professional haunted attraction that benefits cancer research.  We wish Morbid Mike the very best of luck!


Haunted Westgate will, again, be participating in a fun event to help children in West Michigan.  We will be collecting bears for Hug-a-Bears.  Hug-a-Bears distributes new teddy bears (with tags) to local hospitals, fire departments, police departments, and other organizations to be given to children in distressing situations.  Bears can be dropped off at The Haunting of Storybook Hollow on Biddeford Dr.

**Please note that Hug-a-Bears can only accept new teddy bears, under approximately 14" in size, with tags.** 


Fellow haunters:

Please send pictures of your haunt or decorations towillaisie@yahoo.com  so we can include them on this site.